Sanatan Dharma Mandal & Hindu Community Centre
22 The Parade, Cardiff

The late sixties and early seventies witnessed Hindu families making a life in Wales from East Africa, India, Sri Lanka and other parts of the world. Immediate concerns for the Hindu community included economic development, maintaining religious and cultural identity and establishing a home for the next generation.

Taking these into consideration, we decided to form a temple and a community center.

Sanatan Dharma Mandir was established in 1985. At that time we did not have our own premises. We started doing our Sunday Prayers and other religious and cultural activities at 28 The Parade, Cardiff.

In August 1988, we purchased the premises at 22 The Parade, Cardiff with the help of donations from our community.

Very quickly, the community established a presence in Wales and today it is well integrated within the Welsh Society.

Mandir (Temple) “the place of no anxiety” is a place of worship for Hindus. It does not only impart spiritual instruction to Hindus, but also act as social center and provide opportunities for practical voluntary service.

We have many activities such as Bhajan, kirtan, and arati (devotional expression through songs and ceremonies). We are also committed to a variety of community activities such as religious, cultural & social activities. We have an Elderly Day Center which has been in existence for the last six years.

Our organisation runs on voluntary basis, covering services such as management committees, networking, maintenance, cooking and cleaning – providing a range of voluntary opportunities for many Hindus in Wales.

Our aim is to provide our children and grandchildren a better understanding of our culture and heritage together with an ability of integration in the wider community. It is very crucial for us to continue celebrations of such event and also strongly feel that by involving children, our culture will be maintained. We have language classes every Friday evening for children and youth.

Our children today are the citizens of tomorrow, to mould their thoughts and aspirations is a true fulfilment of an all round education. The sanskars given to them in their early childhood years can inspire them in their future years, by giving them courage to face challenges of the modern world and determination to pursue their goals. Our purpose built Mandir and community centre is able to provide a large range of services and is for everyone’s use, and will benefit all. Simultaneously, we hold our elders in their highest esteem. We have a an Elderly Day centre in our Mandir, which is held every Thursday, from 10am to 3pm. We do all sorts of activities, like kip fit, play games, involve them in various creative activities, organise day trips etc.

The committee members, past and present, Members, volunteers of the Mandir and Elderly Day Centre, have worked very hard to get us where we are.
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