*-*-*Bhagvat Saptah - SEPT 2014*-*-*
IMPORTANT NOTICE ( 14th September 2010 )
Members must renew their membership fees by Saturday 16th October during Navratri Celibration. Any members that do not display their valid membership card on entering the hall, will have to pay £4.00 per adult. This fee is non refundable payment.
Terms & Conditions of Membership
1. Joining or rejoining fee is £30 per Family. £15 as individuals.
2. Age of 18 and over is required to pay an annual fee.
3. Membership fee is due every April.
4. To renew your membership you must pay annual fee by 30 June to Treasurer. Failing this, you will be
    automatically removed from members list.
5. Age of 4 and over is requested to have a Photo Membership Card.
6. Annually Photo Membership Card will be issued as soon as fee have been received free of charge.
7. Members will provide photo to management committee willingly without prejudice.
Terms & Condition of Membership Card
8. If you request for replacement Membership Card will cost £5.00
9. If you wish to change your photo; you can change it when renewing your membership free of charge, at any other time will cost £5.00.
    You will have to provide a photo that you wish us to use.
10. Any mistakes can be corrected within 30days free of charge, please notify in writing.
11. You will need to produce your Membership Card at the entrance on every organized event only to qualify for members benefit. 
     When visiting temple no Membership Card required, Temple is available for any person who wish to visit at normal operating times.
12. Management Committee has right to negotiate discount for members with Membership Card with other event operators. Information
     on such discounted event will be published here on Notices and/or circulars; we will not take any liability on this type of events.
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