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It gives us a great pleasure to inform you all that the Management Committee is engaged in to secure the premises for our new Mandir and Community Centre in Cardiff.

The problems with our current premises are as follows:

  • It is too small to accommodate all the faithful for Hindu festivals that we celebrate.
  • It does not have a community hall for Bhajan Kirtana or for Garba celebrations during Navratri.
  • There is no parking facility for cars. Only parking is meter parking. This stops many people with children or disabilities from attending as frequently as they would like to come.

We have located a suitable alternative premise, which is centrally based with 40 car parks, so that all the community can access the temple. As the old temple is still being used we have not been able to sell it and hence we are trying to raise money to be able to buy the new premises.

The new premises will cost us £1.1 million and therefore, the committee request for your help in funding this amount by way of Donations and contributions from all the people.

We are sure that you will all agree that we need the ability of the entire Community for the Development of our future, and give every person in the Community a sense of purpose and belonging.

It is with this expectation that we all move forward together.

Please help us by giving generously:

  • A one off donation
  • An interest free loan which we will pay you back
  • A standing order or regular payment of as little as £5 a month.


Click here to donate now.

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